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【今回の英文】 Olympic athletes could die from Tokyo summer heat, warn experts Athletes and even spectators at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be at risk of death from heatstroke due to oppressive summer temperatures and humidity in Tokyo, researchers have said. Tokyo 2020 has said that it will plant more trees along the marathon course, lay a road surface that will reduce the heat, give out warnings about the danger of heatstroke, and provide emergency medical facilities. さわけん 英会話講師 / TOEIC S&W 講師 / ビデオブロガー 名古屋市なう ロサンゼルス13年在住 / ラスベガス2年在住 ユニオンバンク(米国)に勤務経験 今は中高生と社会人に英語を教えています。 Twitter https://twitter.com/sawaken_eng Instagram - 4コマ英語動画日記 https://www.instagram.com/sawaken0708/ #英会話 #英語 #おっさん英会話 #さわけん